Pierre Delsaux

Speaker Bio
Deputy Director General for DG GROW, European Commission

After earning a Master of Law from Northwestern University in Chicago, Pierre Delsaux joined Li├Ęge University, his alma mater, as a researcher and lecturer on intellectual property law. He started his career with the European Commission in 1991, where he has since held several high-level functions. For example, at the former DG Internal Market and Services (MARKT), he served as Head of Unit for Public Procurement (1997- 2000), Financial Markets (2004), and Money Laundering (2004- 2007), and as Director of Directorate F (2007- 2011).

Delsaux has served as Deputy Director General of DG Grow since 2015, where he is responsible for Space Policy and Research (Directorate I) and Galileo and EGNOS Programme Management (Directorate J).