09:00 - 10:00 CET

Copernicus Thematic Hubs

You can join the session on Webex here

The Copernicus Thematic Hubs are launched in 2023 to facilitate access to Copernicus data and products on specific topics across services, and enhance user interaction. The Copernicus Thematic Hubs are platforms collecting data, products and information from the Copernicus services and components for specific thematic or geographical areas.  In this session, the four first Hubs will be presented by the respective coordinating entity (ECMWF and MOi) in discussion with key users. The platforms will be briefly showcased, followed by an interview with one or two key stakeholders to discuss expectations and needs in the different topical domains.

This session will take place in the Pressroom.

Stijn Vermoote
Head of User Outreach and Engagement Section
Christine Redecker
Team Leader “Health in all Policies”
European Commission - DG SANTE
Andreas Zucker
Chief Economist Unit of DG ENER
European Commission - DG ENER
10:00 - 11:35 CET

EU Space: towards greater resilience and security, The EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence: Challenges and Opportunities

In a context of growing geopolitical tension, space is becoming increasingly contested. Following the publication of the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence, this session will discuss key challenges and opportunities to its implementation, highlighting the vital role of space in strengthening the resilience of the Union and its Member States and safeguarding our collective security and defence.

Guillaume de la Brosse
Head of Unit for Innovation and New Space – Space defence
European Commission - DG DEFIS
Phillipe Bertrand
Chairman of the Security Accreditation Board of the EU Space Programme
Laetitia Cesari
University of Luxembourg
Rafal Modrzewski
CEO & Co-Founder
Faucoup Pierre
Chief Space and Defense Business Officer
The Exploration Company
Markus Moeller
Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer
Isaac Crespo
Chief of the Spanish Space Command
Spanish Air and Space Force
11:35 - 12:35 CET

EU Space: Space Traffic Management

Space is becoming increasingly congested due to the exponential increase of space traffic and debris. This represents a serious threat to the security, safety and sustainability of space operations. 

This session presents the challenges of STM, a key driver for space sustainability, industry competitiveness, and strategic autonomy. These challenges embrace regulatory and technological aspects, as well as synergies with airspace management systems, including commercial space transportation.  

João Alves
SST Team Leader
Pascal Faucher
Chairman, EU SST Partnership, Defense and security, CNES
Alberto Águeda
Director of Space Surveillance and Traffic Management
Pierluigi Righetti
Flight Dynamics Manager
Rodolphe Muñoz
Legal officer
European Commission
Nathalie Le Cam
Project Manager Higher Airspace Operations
12:35 - 12:45 CET

EU Space Week 2023 Conclusion

Closing remarks by Elisa Rivera Mendoza, Head of Cabinet of the Secretary General for Innovation, Ministry of Science and Innovation

Elisa Rivera Mendoza
Head of Cabinet of the Secretary General for Innovation
Ministry of Science and Innovation