09:15 - 10:00 CET

Opening of the User Consultation Platforms

Opening of the User Consultation Platforms

 Rodrigo da Costa
Executive Director
Keynote speaker
Carmen Aguilera
Operational Market Development Manager
Ignacio Alcantarilla Medina
Head of Sector Galileo and EGNOS Services and Evolutions
European Commission
Belen-Niceas Martínez Arriola
Senior Legal & Policy Officer
European Commission - DG DEFIS
10:00 - 17:00 CET

User Consultation Platform: Agriculture and Forestry

The agriculture community represents one of the early adopters of space. The use of GNSS-powered machinery and the usage of satellite imagery have indeed clearly affirmed its role in making farming more efficient and sustainable for several years. However, climate changes, regulatory impacts and technological innovation are key factors making users’ needs and requirements more and more demanding. 

Forestry plays a critical role for our health and wellbeing, in sustaining our planet, addressing climate change, and ensuring environmental sustainability. The integration of space technologies has revolutionized our understanding and management of forests. This session will emphasize the invaluable contributions of EU space technologies in effectively managing forests, mitigating climate change, and promoting sustainable practices. 

This session will deep dive into how the EU Space Programme can contribute to fulfilling the increasing needs of agriculture users, as well as those directly involved in forest ownership and management.

Usue Donezar Hoyos
Project lead for Copernicus at the EEA
European Environment Agency
Stijn Vermoote
Head of User Outreach and Engagement Section
Tamme van der Wal
Cristina Ananasso
Team Leader Copernicus National Uptake and Thematic Collaborations
Georg Larscheid
Vice President Digital Business
Frédéric Achard
EUFO project leader
EC Joint Research Centre
Sanna Härkönen
R&D Director
Sitowise Oy
Tabinda Khurshid
Fjeld Skov / Trrimber
Rolf Schmitz
Maurizio Laterza
Technical Specialist
Planetek Italia
Patryk Jaskula
Geospatial Solution Manager
Airbus DS Intelligence
Fabian Enssle
Project Manager
Francisco Javier de Blas
High Accuracy and Commercial Authentication services Manager
Hélène Koch
Senior Policy Advisor
Sebastian Vogler
Javier Ostolaza González
Service Engineer
Samuel Almond
Sectoral Information System Officer
Adrian Tistan
Policy Officer
European Commission - DG ENV

User Consultation Platform: Environmental - Climate & Biodiversity

Zoom info:
Meeting ID: 843 4152 7827
Access code: 589182


Environmental monitoring involves various stakeholders, including monitoring companies, data providers, analysts, NGOs, and government bodies. Earth observation (EO) data is crucial for promoting sustainable practices. Although EO has been used by organizations, NGOs, and decision-makers for decades, financial markets and businesses must also participate in environmental preservation. Companies are now assessing their environmental impact as sustainability becomes a priority for customers, investors, and governing bodies. Furthermore, the European Green Deal is an important framework for financial endeavours related to climate and nature-related risks. It addresses climate change and environmental concerns through regulations and strategies. EO-powered services offer regular, harmonized, and comparable data on a large scale and can provide potential solutions. 

During this session, end users will discuss their needs for innovative EO applications and solutions to support the EU regulations and strategies for biodiversity, climate-related financial risks, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

Leila Ajjabou
Market and Innovation Officer
Joanna Balasis-Levinsen
Expert - Copernicus Land Monitoring Service
European Environment Agency
Stijn Vermoote
Head of User Outreach and Engagement Section
Marc Leminh
Nastasja Scholz
Sensior Researcher and Project Coordinator
Luftbild Umwelt Planung GmbH
Laura Moreno
Isadora Jiménez
Projects Lead
Lobelia Earth
Josh Gilbert
Sust Global
Fabien Lefèvre
Head of Ocean & Climate Division
Carles Debart
Director Business Development - Europe Institutional
Veronika Strnadova
Consultant for Copernicus programme
Michael Harfoot
Muriel Lux
Environmental Policy and Major Account manager
Mercator Ocean International
Nanne Tolsma
Business Development Director
Simone Balbo
Project Officer for the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service
Elena Maksimovich
Founder and CEO
Weather Trade Net
Samuel Almond
Sectoral Information System Officer

User Consultation Platform: Rail

The rail session will provide an opportunity for the participants to share their insights and requirements, shaping the future of EU Space Services for Rail. It will also offer an overview of the current state-of-the-art projects in Railway signaling, Earth observation services and the status of the preparation for user-focused preliminary activities towards possible exploitation of EU SATCOM. The user consultation itself will be split into three different parts, focusing independently on GNSS, Earth Observation and Satellite communication. This will provide the possibility to obtain user feedback for what concerns the major applications and respective requirements associated with concrete use cases, with a future outlook to ensure that the EU Space Programme can reflect the railway needs in the context of ongoing innovation within railway signaling, maintenance or other operational activities.  

Fabio Scarpa
Project Manager of RADIUS project
Hitachi Rail
Ricardo Campo Cascallana
Program Director
Giusy Emmanuele
Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI)
Massimiliano Ciaffi
Valentin Barreau
Head of SNCF Localisation team
Juliette Marais
Senior researcher
Université Gustave Eiffel
Manuel Oñate
General Manager
EuroUSC España, S.L.
Arnis Kadakovskis
Consultant, Earth Observation
Daniel Lopour
Senior Market Development Officer
Bo Larsson Gruber
Technical Specialist/ Project manager
Swedish Transport Admin

User Consultation Platform: Road and Automotive

Zoom info:
Meeting ID: 844 9235 9862
Access code: 477073



The Road and Automotive session looks at the results of the previous editions to move forward on new user needs and requirements in priority areas with the highest market potential. The 2023 session covers for the first time, all space components and discusses user insights across three priority applications, namely:

  • Infrastructures 
  • Cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM)
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

The session brings together a broad range of road and automotive ecosystem players and gives the opportunity to engage in the discussion on key user requirements, new trends and Research and Development priorities.

Ilaria Martini
Principal Research Engineer
Sergio Perez Gamez
Geo-Location Platform Product Owner
Kapsch TrafficCom
Joanna Balasis-Levinsen
Expert - Copernicus Land Monitoring Service
European Environment Agency
Dr. Paul Verlaine Gakne
Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Positioning
Roberto Giuliani
Innovation Manager
Valentín Alfaya
Sustainability Director
Ramsundar Kandasamy
Research and Innovation Team
Marco Bolchi
EY Belgium
Nuno Duro Santos
Business Consultant
Miguel Ortiz
Deputy head of GEOLOC Laboratory
Université Gustave Eiffel
Antonio Granado Pérez
Dirección General de Tráfico
Director of the Traffic Management Centre in the Southwest area
Sampo Hietanen
Founder, CEO
MaaS Global
Javier Ibáñez Guzmán
Expert Autonomous System
Renault Group
Sebastian Schlebusch
Head of Market Development

User Consultation Platform: Resilient Societies Users

Zoom info:
Meeting ID: 865 3946 3015
Access code: 395784



For the first time, the User Consultation Platform covers Resilient Societies’ users. The session will cover users’ needs and requirements from space applications focused on protecting people, interests and values by preventing, deterring and, where necessary, defeating attacks by hostile actors, as well as managing other threats, risks and hazards that might endanger life or property. Three main areas will be addressed: Customs Operations, Preventing traffic and smuggling and Robots and automated platforms. The session will focus on six different applications: Digital transformation of Customs, Electronic Freight Transport Information, National and international fast corridors, Risk assessment in supply chain, Safeguard of cultural heritage, and Explosive disposal.

The session brings together both governmental end-users and businesses providing solutions for them, discussing how EU space services can be used to address the challenges faced by governmental security providers, such as Customs, Border and Coast Guards, law enforcement entities and public security providers.

Ettore Motti
Marco Mattiocco
Head of Section "Innovation and international IT projects" in the Organization and Digital Transformation Directorate
Italian Customs
Michael Doherty
Technology expert
Axel Kerep
Project Manager
Marcos López Cabeceira
Market Business Development and Products Strategy
Xabier Mendaza
Giacomo Nizzi
Eagleprojects S.p.a.
Antonella Di Fazio
Jean-Philippe Mechin
Head of Traffic & ITS Group

User Consultation Platform: Space

 Zoom info:
Meeting ID: 817 4656 0267
Access code: 669835

The session will explore the users’ needs and requirements for space applications, covering all space components. The session will explore the needs for applications relying on Location, Navigation, Timing, Earth Observation, and Secure Communication. How does any kind of spacecraft make use of the services from the space components? In this session, industry and service providers will provide answers to that question, by presenting their own cases and needs. Attendees will discuss how the services provided by GNSS constellations are used to determine the orbits of LEO Earth Observation satellites while providing timing and positioning information to its primary scientific payloads; how GNSS plays a critical role within each individual satellite of a Megaconstellation; and how GNSS signals can be used above GNSS constellations themselves, to insert larger satellites in GEO orbits and, ultimately, travelling up to the dark side of the Moon.

Diego Escobar
Technical Director of SST and STM
Francisco Sancho
Precise orbit determination and flight dynamics engineer
Charles Law
Director Flight Dynamics
Monika Adamczyk
Cybersecurity Expert
Jaume Sanpera
Mónica Díez
Products and Services Director
Samuele Fantinato
Head of Advanced Navigation Division
Qascom Srl
14:00 - 17:00 CET

User Consultation Platform: Public Transport

Zoom info:
Meeting ID: 863 9544 7831
Access code: 044661

Relying on efficient public transport solutions represents a fundamental element for the well-being of urban communities and EU Space is a key enabler to support the development of innovative mobility schemes to meet the emerging needs of transport of people. 

The public transport session will focus on the needs and requirements of public transport users, including bus, tram and urban rail by delivering insights related to the market trends and the technology readiness also leveraging on first-hand contribution from relevant market players. An interactive part of the session will involve the participants to discuss and consolidate user needs and requirements for Space services and data, and to identify Research and Innovation priorities.

Umberto Guida
Head of Third Party Funded Projects Strategy
Luis Roda Garcia
Project Manager
EMT València
Jochen Wendel
R&D Manager
INIT Group
Nikolais Tsampieris
Senior Manager
15:00 - 17:00 CET

User Consultation Platform: Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST)

 Zoom info:
Meeting ID: 817 4656 0267
Access code: 669835

Space is a very dynamic environment that is of strategic importance for Europe, as space applications are essential for its economies, societies and citizens. With increasingly congested orbits, new actors, and the emergence of innovative technologies, it is vital for the EU to enhance its current Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) capability to respond to current and future challenges and ensure the safety and sustainability of space operations.

This session focuses on the evolution of the EU SST capability and its services. Users will be consulted on their views on a proposal of advanced services complementary to the existing EU SST services, which may be developed by the EU industry. To stimulate the discussion there will be a roundtable with spacecraft operators representing all orbital regimes. 

João Alves
SST Team Leader
Charles Law
Director Flight Dynamics
John Janka
Chief officer, Government Affairs and Regulatory
Pascal Faucher
Chairman, EU SST Partnership, Defense and security, CNES
Beatriz Gallardo
SST User Engagement Manager
Pierluigi Righetti
Flight Dynamics Manager
Emiliano Agosta
Spaceopal Technical Director
Carlos González
COMMS Satellite Operations and SSA Manager
Manuel J. Sansegundo Chamarro
Head of Space Segment Engineering, Operations and Satellite Monitoring & Control
Cristina Perez Hernandez
EUSST Partnership Head of Expert Team Service Provision
Rodolphe Muñoz
Legal officer
European Commission
Adam Śmiałek
Space Systems Engineer
17:30 - 18:00 CET

High-level Opening Panel with Policymakers

We will be opening the EU Space Week with high-level policymakers to discuss Europe’s space endeavors and what’s next for the EU Space Programme.

Diana Morant
Minister of Science and Innovation
Spanish Government
Keynote speaker
 Timo Pesonen
Director General for Defence Industry and Space
European Commission - DG DEFIS
Keynote speaker
Irena Novakova
Head of Unit – Communication, Human resources and Security of Information
European Commission - DG DEFIS
18:00 - 18:40 CET

Interactive Panel with High-level #EUSpace Representatives

Hear from the leading European space sector voices and join the conversation on the vision for 2035 and the future of Europe in space

     Timo Pesonen
    Director General for Defence Industry and Space
    European Commission - DG DEFIS
    Keynote speaker
    Miguel Belló
    Director General of the Spanish Space Agency
    Spanish Space Agency
    Keynote speaker
     Rodrigo da Costa
    Executive Director
    Keynote speaker
    Josef Aschbacher
    Director General
    Keynote speaker
    Fiammetta Diani
    Head of Market, Downstream and Innovation
    18:40 - 18:50 CET

    Inspirational Speech: Earth Observation in the climate emergency

    Inspirational speaker: Laia Romero Gonzales, Lobelia Earth  

    Laia Romero
    Lobelia Earth
    Keynote speaker
    18:50 - 19:30 CET

    Interactive Discussion with Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Innovators

    Interactive Discussion with Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Innovators

    Dinka Dinkova
    Deputy Head of Unit for Innovation and New Space - Space Defence
    European Commission - DG DEFIS
    Raúl Verdú
    Co-founder and CBDO
    PLD Space
    Dr. Luisa Buinhas
    Co-founder and Chief Program Officer
    19:45 - 21:00 CET

    Spanish Space Agency Reception

    Spanish Space Agency Reception

    Diana Morant
    Minister of Science and Innovation
    Spanish Government
    Keynote speaker
    Miguel Belló
    Director General of the Spanish Space Agency
    Spanish Space Agency
    Keynote speaker
    Sara García Alonso
    Reserve Astronaut
    Keynote speaker